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Let’s break stereotypes one situation at a time.

Once upon a time there lived two college roommates whose lives took so many twist and turns that by the time they reach ‘midlife’ (ish) they realized that something was wrong. They were very bad at staying within the ‘Good Girl’ stereotypes expected of them. In one of their many conversations, they discovered that empowering each other, and the other women in their lives (including their daughters), looked nothing like the way they were raised. They asked themselves what consequences did behaving in the expected way of a ‘good girl’ have in their lives. The answer was surprising and life changing.


So now, these former college roommates have set out to let other ‘good girls’ know that they are selling themselves short! These old friends are choosing to start a movement to understand and change the decisions we make everyday because we are conditioned to be ‘good girls’ that do not speak up, stand up or make a difference.


The beginning of change comes from understanding why we act certain ways and what happens when we choose not to. Then we figure out how to laugh about it.

On this podcast we will be discussing listener submitted stories describing the different experiences we all have had at different times in our lives. We hope to bring attention to the common struggles ‘good girls’ face every day regardless of upbringing, social status or ethnicity.


So, let’s get together and talk, laugh, & cry (but MOSTLY laugh) about everything we thought we were doing right, but that did US so wrong.


Talk soon girls!

so,Who are these college roomies?



Good Girl in recovery Mónica can only speak from experience. She started off strong, listening to no-one and rebelling against her Catholic upbringing. Then she stumbled over and over. Tired, she settled into the confines of good girldomhood (its a word) & blended in so well she knew what the wallpaper was thinking. 

Then she remembered something... she cannot stand being bland. She hates fitting into stereotypes, and remembered she is really good at shaking things up.

She also knows a LOT women feel the same way. 

She needed to change before that fire in her disappeared. 

 So, with her partner in crime Tracy she has decided to take the ultimate step in recovery, and talk about it... 


with other people... 


in public....

wait... what?!?!?

Tracy was textbook Good Girl material. She never even cursed. Her change from stereotype to 'typeless' human came slowly but steady. As a prolific painter she has been able to express her deepest thoughts through her artwork. Then, with her degree in Art Therapy she was able to help others find their voice. Yet, she still felt confined to the stifling Good Girl expectations. Finally, through a deep personal struggle, she realized if she did not advocate for herself, she would end up losing all self respect and a big chunk of her health.

As a therapist she helped people in this situation... all the time.

Why can't she do it for herself? 

Then she solved it! She will talk about it...


with Mónica...


& the rest of the world.

What could go wrong?

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