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It is pretty amazing when our family can impress us in 'expected' ways. Angela Guido is a successful author, motivational coach and Tracy's cousin! We took advantage of this family tie to bring Angela in so she can share her success stories, how she helps people achieve success in their careers and goals and how these techniques can apply to your everyday live! Plus, she is funny, realistic and has a step by step plan for EVERYTHING!

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Angela Guido

Founder, Chief Education Officer,

Bestselling Author

On this special edition of GGRC Tracy brings in her amazing cousin Angela Guido, best selling author and CEO of Career Protocol. She specializes in helping professionals be successful in their goals. Whether they are trying to get into business school to nailing their interview to a  Fortune 500 company, Angela has a step by step guide to help you. She schools us on what it takes to be successful and happy in what you do, how failure is really a great tool to help in success and how  to apply that discipline into your everyday life. Plus she is really funny.

Angela Guido is the CEO of Career Protocol, and she offers a more realistic no nonsense advice for career success.  She understand that we are suppose to have fun in life and our work should be the same. She has a very unique coaching style and is an amazing person to just chat with. She will not sugar coat what she has to say nor should she! Her books are an extension of her brilliant ideas and opinions plus they will be a great asset to help you reach the goals you thought you could not achieve. 


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Angela is CEO of Career Protocol

Angela's personal website with her personal musings:

Angela's Books
Interview HERO.jpg

Interview Hero

How to Ace Your Interviews, Find Your Voice & Direct the Narrative of Your Life

 In this conversational and life-changing book, Angela Guido teaches you how to inspire people with your true story, ups and downs and all. While the other applicants will bore the interviewer to tears with their canned responses and pretense of perfection, you will entertain, engage, and connect. That will make you the most likeable candidate, the one your interviewer champions behind closed doors. Interview Hero teaches you…

  • New mindsets that transform interviews from painful interrogations to enjoyable conversations 

  • Deep storytelling skills so you can relate your life’s accomplishments as inspiring narratives without a trace of arrogance

  • A step-by-step process to examine your experiences and construct your personal best answers to all the major interview question types 

  • Techniques to build and maintain confidence before and during the interview so you can win the offer 

Remember, heroes aren’t born heroes. They become heroes. Read on to become an Interview Hero today.


How to Network Without Feeling Like an A-Hole

how to .jpg

From those anxiety-inducing professional events to that untouched pile of business cards in your desk drawer to that smarmy feeling you get when you need to ask a new contact for a favor, most of what we think of when we think of “networking” just sucks.

Well, things are about to change for you. This engaging and action-oriented book will transform the way you think about networking forever. It will turn you into the life of the party: someone who’s confident, charismatic, and connected. How to Network Without Feeling Like an A-Hole breaks down the process of building genuine professional friendships into a series of fool-proof steps, from how to survive networking events to how to turn new contacts into lifelong friends, all with zero douchebag factor. 

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • A new paradigm for networking that feels good, not gross

  • Simple strategies to navigate networking events with grace

  • 3 personal introduction frameworks that will make your new friends love you

  • Smalltalk tips that will make you the light and life of the party even if you’re an introvert

  • A 3-step process to take your contacts to the next level and turn them into genuine friendships

  • An arsenal of ideas for adding value to your network so you become the superconnector everyone counts on


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