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 We were so lucky to find in Stacy another kindred soul that is able to help us identify further patters and habits that continue to inhibit the strength we truly have! Stacy describes herself as recovering perfectionist, tree hugger, dog lover, & feminist.

How could we NOT talk with her!?!?!?

 Stacy, Tracy & Mónica get into the nitty gritty of what body shaming really looks like, how it impacts our everyday AND how we can change the message with small actions of


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More About STACY...


Stacy Soderholm

Self-Love & Empowerment Coach for Smart, Conscious, Sensitive Women

After a lifetime perfecting the art of making herself wrong (and miserable) and seeing it spill over onto the people in her life, Stacy set out to figure out how to love herself and be happy. During over a decade as a “self improvement junkie,” she cleared blocks and programming. She accumulated a toolkit that gave her access to love and joy from the inside out. Most important, she discovered that it is possible to heal and grow through play and fun, too ! It doesn't always have to be such serious business.


Stacy's still on her path of self-discovery and anticipates that she'll always be learning. Meanwhile, she's also on a mission to help women shed the shoulds so they can stop turning themselves inside out, ever striving to be “better,” and instead just be and love who they already are. Because when women reclaim themselves (and the energy spent people-pleasing and over-giving), they are unstoppable forces for good. Then they , and the people in their lives, get to fully enjoy the gift that they already are.


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